Specialty metric screws for your motorcycle as well as Fuel, Lube, and Air filters for your car or truck.

Desmoparts provides high quality stainless steel fasteners and air, oil, and fuel filters.

Starting with stainless screws for BMW and Ducati we soon expanded to offer full stainless fastener kits for many other makes. Desmoparts also offers a complete line of Baldwin, Cummins Filtration and Racor filters for most any car and diesel truck.

Be careful what you tinker with in the garage as it may turn into a full time job!

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Desmoparts is all about high quality Baldwin and Racor Filters and Stainless Steel Metric Fasteners. Desmoparts stocks Baldwin, Cummins Filtration, and Racor filters for most all cars and trucks. For motorcycles we have custom stainless steel screw kits for BMW, Ducati, and many other great makes. Our products are in service all over the world.

Fuel, Air, & Oil Filters

Desmoparts specializes in diesel vehicle filters. We have a large inventory of Baldwin, Cummins Filtration, and Racor Air, Lube, and Diesel Fuel filters for just about any make car, truck, and even motorcycle. While Desmoparts specialize in diesel vehicle filters we can ship any filter for your gasoline vehicle as well. Email us with your vehicle and filter request and we'll be happy to quote.

So how does a metric motorcycle fastener specialist start selling filters? It all started with our sister company Houston Biodiesel that operates the first retail B100 biodiesel pump in the Houston area. As a result of the increased diesel traffic into our yard we've started stocking diesel vehicle filters. It was a natural to offer our selection of filters online here at Desmoparts.

Who knows where this crazy business will take us next.

Motorcycle Stainless Steel Screw Kits

About ten years ago a friend of mine took his new BMW into the dealer for service. After picking up the machine we discovered all the black painted body fasteners were scratched. We came up with a clever idea of replacing the stock fasteners with some nice button head stainless and boom a new business was born.

Desmoparts has been steadily building an inventory of fastener kits focusing on BMW and Ducati motorcycles. If you have a machine that is not listed in our inventory fear not. All you have to do is schedule your bike into our fastener spa for a few days. If you're in Houston this should be easy.

Just bring your bike at the appointed time into our near downtown Houston workshop for a FREE stainless steel screw kit fitting. Our experienced hands will go through your bike one fastener at a time. You get to ride away with free stainless goodies on your machine.

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