Specialty metric screws for your motorcycle as well as Fuel, Lube, and Air filters for your car or truck.

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BMW K1100RS Lower Fairing Stainless Steel Fastener Kit

Price: $35.00

BMW K1100RS Stainless Steel Belly Screws includes:
8 Lower Fairing Shoulder Screws with 8 Black Nylon Washers
These screws are hand turned and polished one at a time!

Replace the scratched, nicked, rusted, missing, or chewed up stock BMW lower fairing screws with these very attractive hand turned and polished stainless steel fasteners. This is a highly corrosion resistant, attractive, and durable stainless steel screw kit to replace your worn, ugly, or missing stock fairing fasteners. These shiny screws are exactly the same as stock only hand made out of stainless steel. They will stay beautiful for years to come. Kit is complete and includes 8 shoulder fasteners with 8 black nylon washers to mount the K11RS belly fairing. This kit is designed to complement the full body stainless steel screw kit sold separately.

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BMW K1100RS Belly 2
BMW K1100RS Belly 3
BMW K1100RS Belly 4

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