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BMW R1100RT Stainless Steel Fastener Kit

Price: $35.00

An 83-piece grade A2-70 stainless steel hardware kit designed as a replacement for the stock upper, lower, and side fairing, instrument, windscreen, bar ends, rear rack, front fender fasteners and more on the otherwise superb BMW R1100RT and R850RT motorcycles. Screw are all socket head or sometimes called allen head. This bolt kit is a hand picked exact match of the stock button allen screws only duplicated in shinny stainless steel. Kit includes step-bty-step instructions and new nylon fairing washers or you can reuse your old washers. Buyer need only have some motivation and patience, basic wrenching skills, and of course a metric allen tool set. We encourage the use of a low strength thread lubricant during assembly. This is a very popular kit and in service on machines all over the world.

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r1100rt rear rack

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